Monthly Archives: August 2020

Abilene Trademark Report July 2020

Two trademark applications were filed with applicants listing addresses in Abilene in July 2020. The applications were for non-medicated and medicated skin care, and medical education services. A total of four trademarks were registered in July 2020 for baby bottles, waste water treatment chemicals, cosmetic treatments and an ice cream parlor. Supreme Court Decision

A clearer path to trademark registration of .com domain names. In the past I’ve told clients they couldn’t get a trademark for a generic term with a .com at the end. This U.S. Supreme Court decision will change my advice and analysis. See the full article at:

Midland-Odessa Trademark Report July 2020

July saw more trademark applications than any other month in 2020 with applicants listing addresses in Midland and Odessa. Twenty-four applications were filed in the month of July. The trademark applications for products included candy, organic cosmetics, exercise equipment, clothing, liquor, and first aid kits. The trademark applications for services included subscription- based order fulfillment services, educational publications, live band entertainment, financial services, and smoke shops. Three trademarks were registered in July 2020 for cell phone repair, lip balm, and live band entertainment.