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Abilene Trademark Report August 2020

August saw more trademark applications than any other month in 2020 with applicants listing an Abilene address. Eight (8) trademark applications were filed in August.  The applications for goods included clothing and shoes. The applications for services included religious instruction, advertising, and health care services. Three (3) trademark applications were registered in August 2020. The registrations were for educational services and waste water chemical additives.

Abilene Trademark Report July 2020

Two trademark applications were filed with applicants listing addresses in Abilene in July 2020. The applications were for non-medicated and medicated skin care, and medical education services. A total of four trademarks were registered in July 2020 for baby bottles, waste water treatment chemicals, cosmetic treatments and an ice cream parlor.

Abilene Trademark Report June 2020

2 trademark applications were filed in June 2020 with applicants listing an Abilene address. The applications were for thermal insulated bags and playing card games. In June 2020, 1 trademark application was successfully registered in conjunction with a discount program offered through use of a membership card.