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Amarillo Trademark Report June 2020

June 2020 was the 3rd highest month this year for U.S. trademark applications originating from persons or entities in Amarillo. 11 new U.S. trademark applications were filed. Year to date 2020, 71 U.S. trademark applications have been filed listing owners with Amarillo addresses. The June trademark applications for products included cleaning preparations, computer software, transmission fluid and lubricants, motor oil, and fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. June service mark applications were filed for employee benefit prescription drug plans, restaurant services, pain relief wellness services, and credit union services. Actual U.S. trademark registrations were down this month. Only 1 U.S. trademark application made it to registration this month, down from 9 in May 2020. The single U.S. trademark registration that issued in June 2020 was for a logo on a wide variety of clothing items.

Midland-Odessa Trademark Report June 2020

June 2020 saw more trademark applications filed than in any other month of 2020. 13 applications were filed with applicants listing addresses from Midland or Odessa. The applications covered products, such as clothing, digital media streaming devices, electrical equipment, antimicrobial cleaning products, and soap. The trademark applications for services included personal relationship consulting, restaurants, sanitizing, entertainment, and janitorial services. 5 trademarks were registered in June 2020. The registered marks covered beer, crime victim services, urgent medical care centers, night clubs, and banking.

Abilene Trademark Report June 2020

2 trademark applications were filed in June 2020 with applicants listing an Abilene address. The applications were for thermal insulated bags and playing card games. In June 2020, 1 trademark application was successfully registered in conjunction with a discount program offered through use of a membership card.

Lubbock Trademark Report June 2020

June 2020 was the biggest month this year for trademark applications with applicants listing a Lubbock address. 18 trademark applications were filed in June, and the previously monthly high was 14. The trademark applications for products covered automotive airfoil and clothing. The trademark applications for services were for online retail store services, custom motorcycle services, psychological counseling, providing educational courses, and educational services. Only 3 applications made it all the way through to registration in June 2020. All 3 registrations were for services, including legal services, installation of rain gutters, and musical performances.