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Lubbock Trademark Report September 2020

Lubbock was down from twenty-two applications filed by applicants listing an address in Lubbock during August, to eight applications in September 2020. The applications were for clothing, educational publications, water bottles, lamps, car washes, online stores, and restaurants. Lubbock was at the highest number of registrations this quarter with nine trademarks for art, clothing, skin care products, shaved ice confections, car washes, online classified ads, and banking services.

Lubbock Trademark Report August 2020

August saw more trademark applications than any other month in 2020 with applicants listing a Lubbock Texas address. Twenty-two (22) trademark applications were filed in August.  The applications for goods included clothing, toys, disinfecting kits, screens, downloadable software, Christmas items, eating and drinking utensils, air conditioning units, and children’s’ books. The applications for services included sightseeing tours, guided recreational hunts, engineering services, surgical, medical, and dentistry services, advertising services, and computer software design. In August 2020, six (6) trademark applications were registered.  The registrations included restaurant services, clothes hangers, and decorative stickers for toilet seats.

Lubbock Trademark Report July 2020

Seven trademark applications were filed in July 2020 with applicants listing an address in Lubbock. The applications were for jewelry, surgical services, fabric, artificial eyelashes, bags, and broadcasting. In July 2020, seven trademark applications were registered. The registrations included clothing, restaurant services, medical services, charitable services, tourism promotion, foreign language education for children, and a local business information website.

Lubbock Trademark Report June 2020

June 2020 was the biggest month this year for trademark applications with applicants listing a Lubbock address. 18 trademark applications were filed in June, and the previously monthly high was 14. The trademark applications for products covered automotive airfoil and clothing. The trademark applications for services were for online retail store services, custom motorcycle services, psychological counseling, providing educational courses, and educational services. Only 3 applications made it all the way through to registration in June 2020. All 3 registrations were for services, including legal services, installation of rain gutters, and musical performances.