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Wichita Falls Trademark Report September 2020

Wichita Falls had one trademark application filed by an applicant listing an address in Wichita Falls for September 2020, which was up from zero in August. The trademark was in relation to agricultural chemicals and seed inoculants. In addition, one trademark was registered in September for nitrous oxide engine parts, also up from zero in August.

Midland/Odessa Trademark Report September 2020

Midland/Odessa ended the 3rd quarter of 2020 with twelve applications being filed in September by applicants listing addresses in Midland or Odessa. Seven were filed for goods encompassing fabrics, spirit apparel, clothing, parts for oilfield wellhead machines, toys, and footwear. Six applications were filed for the following services: medical spa services, concessions, energy management platforms, auto dealerships, automotive services, restaurants, real estate development, educational services, and athletic apparel. Six trademarks were registered in September 2020 for pressure drilling control systems, retail pharmacy services, music production, lawn-mowing services, construction, and custom fabrication.

Lubbock Trademark Report September 2020

Lubbock was down from twenty-two applications filed by applicants listing an address in Lubbock during August, to eight applications in September 2020. The applications were for clothing, educational publications, water bottles, lamps, car washes, online stores, and restaurants. Lubbock was at the highest number of registrations this quarter with nine trademarks for art, clothing, skin care products, shaved ice confections, car washes, online classified ads, and banking services.

Amarillo Trademark Report September 2020

Ten trademark applications were filed by applicants with an address in Amarillo in September 2020, ending the 3rd quarter down from the twenty-seven applications filed in August. Eight applications were comprised of goods including: clothing, footwear, gasoline/diesel fuel, automotive lubricants, natural gas, and items used for making and drinking tea. Trademarks filed for services consisted of: psychedelic events and courses, wholesale distribution of prescription and non-prescription drugs, fuel delivery services, and tea shops. Four trademarks were registered in September, down from ten in August. The registrations were for tea-based beverages, outerwear, construction equipment rental, and hair cutting services.