You’ve Worked Hard to Build Your Good Name.®

We Help You Protect It.

Chris Stewart is a trademark attorney

Serving clients across the U.S. and across the world

Chris and his team have obtained 700+ U.S. trademark registrations and numerous international registrations.

Chris and his team also handle trademark litigation.

Professional And Experienced Trademark Attorney

3 Steps to Trademark Registration


We perform a search that reviews other trademark filings, corporate names, common law trademarks, and other uses that could impact your ability to get the trademark.


We gather information from you for the trademark filing and walk you through the key decisions to be made to increase the likelihood of success.

Overcome Obstacles

We help you overcome any obstacles to registration from the Trademark Office or third-parties who oppose your trademark efforts.

Why Choose BMWB

Chris has obtained more U.S. Trademark registrations than any other attorney in the Texas Panhandle and South Plains.

Chris and his team have also registered trademarks around the world, most frequently in Mexico, Canada, the European Union, Australia and China.

Before Chris focused his practice on intellectual property, he was a commercial litigator. He has first chaired multiple jury and bench trials. He often serves as local counsel for other attorneys and law firms in federal court cases.

Chris actively litigates trademark infringement lawsuits filed in federal court. Chris also handles litigation in opposition, cancellation and concurrent use proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), as well as handling domain name arbitration proceedings and social media takedowns.

Chris’ busy transaction practice involves license agreements, territory agreements, and franchise agreements.

Chris’ clients see the value in protecting their brand. The motto for the trademark practice group keeps the focus on the client: You’ve Worked Hard To Build Your Good Name®. His clients are all sizes; they range from individuals and small businesses, to international companies.

Chris is a creative problem solver who understands the journey of the entrepreneur. Chris is sought out for his general business knowledge, as well as legal advice. Many of Chris’ clients see him as their outside general counsel providing advice on a wide variety of legal issues.

Chris’ most frequent referral source is other attorneys. These attorneys often remark that Chris is their “go to lawyer” for all things trademark.

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