Copyright Law

Copyright law protects the creative expression of ideas in original works of authorship which are fixed in a tangible medium. Copyright law does not protect ideas themselves. Examples of copyrightable subject matter could include:

  • Computer software
  • Website
  • Music, including lyrics
  • Artwork
  • Graphic design
  • Logo
  • Advertising material
  • Product packaging
  • Book
  • Article
  • Poetry
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Newsletter
  • Cartoon or Comic Strip
  • Map
  • Architectural plan
  • Blueprint
  • Sculpture
  • Video recording
  • Multimedia work

This list is certainly not exhaustive. Be creative about protecting your creativity.

Our copyright practice includes: 

  • Filing copyright applications;
  • Advising clients on the copyright protection available for original works of authorship;
  • Negotiating and drafting copyright licenses, transfers of ownership and royalty agreements;
  • Drafting “work-for-hire” agreements;
  • Advising clients on various aspects of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act;
  • Advising clients on the fair use doctrine;
  • Securing permissions and clearances to use copyrighted works; and
  • Litigating copyright disputes
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